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Voice Analytics Engine

Voice Analytics Engine is all about the conversion of voice to text with high accuracy and doing analytics on top of the converted free text using BigData Eco-System. SDT Voice Analytics Engine is capable of Identifying sentiment,emotions,pitch,frequently used words with high accuracy.

SDT Voice Analytics Engine is integrated with real time search engine which allows business users to search keywords from billions of records within a span of second.

SDT Voice Analytics Engine also provides a Dashboard which allows to churn out patterns from the free text

SDT Voice Analytics Engine can be easily plugged into the environment of Enterprises,Banks,BPOs without altering the existing environment of voice recording systems.


  • Bilingual support
  • Cloud Support
  • Support for open source technologies
  • Real time search on free text
  • Pluggable library available
  • Pitch recognition available
  • Capture Business words
  • Emotion detection
  • Cross analysis of emotion with pitch and sentiment
  • Merging with CRM
  • Integration with Ticketing Systems
  • Integration with Email
  • Connect to different databases
  • Supports both Stereo and mono recordings

Social Media Analytics Engine

Social Media Analytics Engine helps in performing product specific Analytics and understanding good/bad part of the product based on opinion from social media. Identify the areas on which we need to focus for branding on TV/FB/Twitter and understand Customer Pain Points

  • How many customers switched from their products to other products
  • The reason behind switching to other products
  • How many people have switched from other products to their product
  • Identify the reasons why people are switching from other products to our product so that we can highlight the same in our ad-campaign
  • Sell same cross product Analytics to other vendors

Unstructured Data Analytics Engine

SDT’s Unstructured Data Analytics Engine has the ability to precisely convert any unstructured data to structured data. Only the required information can be extracted as there are custom filters applied. This Product is applicable for larger data sets too as the complete data can be ingested into Hadoop to get the structured data set from the total data set. Our Product is fast and extracts accurate information at the same time hence making it the optimal product for extracting the structured data set. Hence on top the data extracted analytics can be performed.

  • Configurable Delimiter as Thread ID
  • Configurable Delimiter as Process ID
  • Configurable single point entry Delimiter
  • Configurable Mutli-Delimiters
  • Configurable Regular Expression Pattern Delimiter
  • Configurable Alphanumeric Delimiter
  • Conversion to CSV
  • Support for Map Reduce
  • Support for Scala
  • Support for Spark
  • Support for Visualization

Predictive Analytics Engine

Predictive Analytics Engine is a Mature data science library developed by SDT for simplifying the process of doing predictive analytics.

The following Analytics can be done using Predictive Analytics Engine

  • Scoring
  • Customer Profiling
  • Market Basket Analytics
  • Recommendation Analytics
  • Forecasting

MetaData Management Engine

SDT MetaData Management is all about maintaining the metadata of the BigData Eco-system of an enterprise.

The Metadata Management Engine enables organisations to smoothly migrate from legacy systems to bigdata stack and allows them to monitor,handle governance on bigdata systems.


  • Smooth Migration from Legacy Systems
  • Profiling of the Data
  • Data Lineage Visibility
  • Handle Governance
  • Easily Create Tables in Hive from UI
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